About Burn Poetry

Welcome to Burnpoetry.  My name is Chris and I’m a free-lance writer from the Midwest.  After my staggeringly low G.P.A. got me booted from the school newspaper at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln I was looking for a creative outlet.

Established in the summer of 2010, Burnpoetry was born of my love for 4 things:

1)  Sports.

2)  Pop culture.

3)  Writing.

4)  Making fun of everything that I can get my hands on, or “burning” on them.

With a focus on keeping things stylistically unique, edgy, and hopefully funny, Burnpoetry has had over 32,000 visitors and nearly 450 posts.  You can follow the blog by clicking on any of the buttons on the page.  I love feedback, encouragement, or even someone telling me “that sucked.  Hard.”  So comment, share, and spread the word.  Burnpoetry will keep on writing.  Please keep on reading.



  1. madhat says:

    Sometimes one or two of those “smug, birkenstock-wearing hipsters” know a lot more than you do – and you might be wise to listen and consider what they have to offer. Or not.

  2. burnpoetry says:

    A wise point, Madhat. I’m not knocking all those who wear non-lace up shoes, just the people who decide to flaunt them on their way to a “Shins” concert.

  3. Katie Pickard Fawcett says:

    One thing to keep in mind…those professors who are good enough to make a living writing don’t need to teach. 🙂

  4. ktzefr says:

    The second thing to keep in mind…a professor cannot make you more talented. You have it or you don’t. What a prof can do is teach you how to dot the I and cross the T properly. It looks like you might already know how to do that. http://katiepickardfawcett.wordpress.com/

  5. gtbme750 says:

    Grades are fairly subjective. I never got a C in an English class, but I’m sure you write better than me 🙂

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