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Posted: January 23, 2015 in Burnfiction, Miscellaneous
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For anyone that was asking how to find paperback copies of my short stories, they are now available on Amazon.

Please stop by and order a copy.  They’re available digitally, as well as in print form.  If you enjoy the works, please share them with friends, co-workers, and on any social media outlet you may be a part of.  A social media share is almost as good as currency in 2015 and I am truly nothing without the support of my readers, friends, and family.

If you don’t like the books, please: give them to your enemies and tell them to “read up.”

Listed below are the links to all of my content that’s currently available for purchase.



Kindle Version:

Paperback Version:

A Dad’s Take: Anecdotes, Joy, and Poop Jokes from 14 Months of Fatherhood


Kindle Version:

Paperback Version:



Kindle Edition:

Paperback Edition:

Again, thank you for caring or reading or sharing or not just cussing me out for constantly assaulting your timelines with self-promotion.  It means a lot.



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