Short Works of Fiction From Burnpoetry Are Now Available On Amazon

Posted: January 20, 2015 in Miscellaneous
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I know, I know.  You all probably have already been annoyed by my blatant self-promotion on social media in one form or another on multiple occasions in the past few days.  But, hear me out: I’ve finally gotten around to self-publishing a few of my short stories on Amazon.

They’re short and cheap (*Author’s note: which is how I’ve often been described myself, Hiiiii-ooooh) so you should stop in and check them out.  Both Ache and Dash are now available.  If you like them or the site, please do me a solid and spread the word.  You can now purchase both titles for $0.99 online and read them on multiple online devices.

Here’s the link to Dash, a short horror story that occurs in the near-future, in which a group of elite runners is tasked with becoming human bait for evil that lurks deep within the shadows of the once-great cities of America:


Here’s the link to Ache, another short horror story that revolves around another boring day at the office for a protaganist as he suffers through a ruptured ear drum.  Believing his death-from-boredom to be imminent, our one-eared hero quickly finds himself battling doom of another kind:


Thanks for all your support as I try to continue to grow as an author,



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