It’s been another busy week for Nebraska Cornhuskers head football coach, Bo Pelini.  He’s been prepping his team for what appears to be the biggest game of his tenure.  It’s a top ten matchup against a developing rival; a chance to slay the demons of Pelini-past and blaze a new trail towards the College Football Playoff.  It’s a prime time game.  At night.  On ABC.  All the cards are stacking up to make this a monstrous game for the program and for the coach who have each struggled recently in these scenarios.

So what does a guy like Bo do when his team is getting ready for a hyper-hyped, big time showdown?  He plans everything out.  He meticulously schedules his day down the last minute to make sure that he only includes events that will keep him sharp, keep him focused, and keep him hungry.

Utilizing a top-secret source working on the inside of One Memorial Stadium we were able to obtain a screenshot of what Bo’s schedule looks like for the Michigan State game.  And, boy, does he seem busy.

(*Author’s note: as usual, the formatting sucks. Click on the image, and all will be revealed.)




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