We live in a modern era.  An era in which any NFL owner that goes out, gets plowed, and then finds himself engaging in hyper-sexualized cellphone pics with women who are 50 years his junior will probably get nailed for trying to get nailed.

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It’s all digital now.  Jerry Jones can’t sneak off to the women’s room with some would-be Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders without someone snapping a damning selfie and firing that bad boy off into the Twittersphere.  It’s what’s great and terrible and hilarious and sad about the omnipresent social media presence of today.

So what would happen to a dude like Jerry Jones the day after someone’s cellphone got him in trouble?  His own cellphone would probably be blowing up with phone calls and texts from various members of his “camp.”  We were able to get a hold of some of these text messages through a top-secret covert operative within the Dallas Cowboys’ organization.  Someone with an ax to grind.  Someone who is probably welcoming some of the heat being anywhere else within the cowboys organization.  To protect their anonymity, we’ve chosen to display a blurred photo of the source below.


Without further ado, here are the texts sent to Jerry Jones this morning.



Johnny F







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