It Looks Like Johnny Manziel Wasn’t the ONLY One Texting the Browns During the NFL Draft. . .

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Burnvisuals, Pop Culture, Sports
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It recently came to light that Johnny F. Football may have text the Cleveland Browns organization during the NFL draft to tell them to “hurry up and draft me, already”.  This news story broke today and has run through the internet faster than a Doritos Tacos Locos through your small intestine. But I’ll be damned if those lovable losers in Cleveland, and their penchant for texting like Tweens at a slumber party, just can’t find a way to stay out of the news these days.  After news of Manziel’s texting went viral, it had me wondering what other text messages members of the Cleveland Browns were probably getting the night of the NFL draft.  Surely Manziel couldn’t have been the only blowing up Cleveland personnel members’ phones. As it turns out he wasn’t.  Before we get too far into the other messages that were balooning the team Data plan for the Browns, though, I was able to obtain an exclusive screenshot of that now-infamous Manziel text.  Let’s take a look at what he really  sent to the Browns. Text

Not quite what the media would lead you to believe, right?  Well that wasn’t the half of it.  The Browns were on their smart phones, hammering out text correspondences with startling rapidity on that fateful night.  Here’s a few more text messages that we were able to obtain that came into some staff members in Cleveland.


Uh-oh.  It wouldn’t be the NFL if Timothy Richard Tebow wasn’t rearing his hyper-square-jawline-having head, would it? Speaking of washed up QB’s that haven’t played in a while, it looks like the Browns were getting offers from all kinds of players on the night of the draft. . .current and former.


Josh Gordon was also busy texting management that night.  Take a look.


The great Kevin Costner was even blowing up that data plan with texts on the night of the draft.





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