Last year I opened up the site to any celebs/sports stars that might want to drop off a personalized Valentine’s Day card for anyone who might want to see.  Boy was it a hit.  So much so, in fact, that I had to reopen the Valentine’s Day Digital Drop Box once again and get in the cards from the stars.  Just click play on the videos to take a look.

Bruce Jenner took a few minutes off from getting his Adam’s apple shaved by a plastic surgeon (*Author’s note: yes, that’s apparently a thing) to send some love your way.

Peyton took some time to extend a little Valentine’s Day love in our direction.

Shia Labeouf took a breather from his mid-career, meth-lab-explosion of douchery, to make sure to give us some original content.

Shaun White may have only gotten fourth in Sochi, but he’s still #1 in your heart, right?

Richard Sherman needed a place to express his deepest, most pasionate love for. . .Richard Sherman?

Peyton wasn’t the only Manning to stop by and send a little V-Day love your way, either.  His brother Eli sent in a card, too.

We all knew A-Rod had a little extra time on his hands, but I didn’t think he’d take up writing love poems during his one-year ban.

Friend of the blog OJ convinced his parole board to let him send in a Valentine’s day message to all of his fans here.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.



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