Merry Friday the 13th, Everyone!

Posted: December 13, 2013 in Burnvisuals
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Christmas is almost here, with only a few short days away until that glorious December 25th that we’ve all come to know and love.   The Christmas spirit is here and in full swing.

But you know what else is here?  Friday the 13th.  So what better way to celebrate the conversion of these two great times of year, than a few re-envisioned Holiday Classics?

Get your popcorn ready!

A Bloody Christmas Story


Plot:  Driven insane after overdosing on the chemicals from a toxic bar of soap he was forced to ingest, a young boy puts on his bunny pajamas, a hockey mask his parents make him wear to avoid “shooting his eye out” and never takes the two off ever again.  He goes on a relentless rampage attacking bullies, alcoholic mall Santas and even the very teacher who once mocked his greatest of childhood dreams.

It Was a Wonderful Life


Plot:  A man contemplating suicide, after losing thousands of dollars, is visited by what he thinks is an angel.  The “angel”, named Jason, doesn’t say a word but merely follows him around at a maddeningly slow walk while carrying a gigantic and impossibly sharp machete.  George, beginning to suspect that he might get stabbed by this hulking, otherworldly creature begins to realize that his life has enriched and helped the people of his town out more than he ever thought possible.  Then he gets stabbed.


A Very Voorhees Christmas


Plot:  A depressed boy and his neurotic friends struggle to survive in the wilderness with a killer closing in.  Will they be able to throw aside their childhood fears and overcome the darkness that threatens from just beyond the trees?  Or will they fall to the evil on the outskirts of their imaginations and the darkness buried within?



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