In two thousand and thirteen
Truth can get garbled,
Jumbled under a pile of 140 character shrapnel
And digital soapbox clangor.
It can get smeared from keyboards
And keystrokes,
Across blinking mediums
From see to shining see.

But there are certain truths
That we hold resolute.
Certain truths that neither waver nor falter
Nor shiver in the depths of the coldest hearts
In the coldest of winters.

These are the truths of the soldiers;
Of our soldiers.
These are the truths that snap,
Snare drum sharp,
To attention,
As a crisp flag raises
In the Dawn’s Early Light;
A Red, White, and Blue
Unfurling to a north wind salute.
High and proud.

These are the undeniable truths that pulse within them,
Driven by courage-firing bellows
In the chambers of flame pulsing hearts.
They ride and they charge and they march,
To the edges of the last human frontiers.
Always ahead.
Always forward.
No blackness too dark,
For they are the light.
And no heat too scorching,
For they have been forged
In the white-hot embers of
We the People.

These men.
These women.
These Talons of the Eagle.

They hold these truths,
Carry these burdens.
Sprint uphill through blood
And through sand,
And when reaching the summit
Merely shrug their camouflaged shoulders and
Push once more.
To the brink.
To the edge.
To the truth.

On this day let us give thanks.

With salutes and handshakes
With hugs and with tears.
By standing up for those who never back down.

Let us give thanks.
From crackling speaker systems
And trumpeting remembrances,
To the whispered prayers spoken on bended knee at the tombs
Of the fallen.
Let us give thanks  to those
Who have purchased our freedoms with immutable resolve.
On this day,
Let us give thanks for these truths and all who hold them still.

(*Author’s note: To all who have served, continue to serve, or will someday serve our great nation: Thank You.  From the bottom of my Red, White, and Blue-beating heart. . .thank you.  Stand today, so we may give you thanks.)



  1. Sue Tolles says:

    as usual, you know what to say. I love reading your work.

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