Jay-Z is Coming to Lincoln: Here’s What his Trip Will Probably Look Like

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Burnvisuals, Sports
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It was announced today that Jay-Z will be coming to Lincoln, Nebraska for a December first concert.  Being a self-proclaimed expert on what makes Hova tick, I decided to outline what his trip to our fair city will almost certainly look like.

1.  He’ll probably take in a Husker game, where he’ll undoubtedly work on the read option with one of Nebraska’s favorite sons.


2.  He might go to a Husker museum, to learn a little bit more about Nebraska’s “Game of the Century.”


3.  He’ll probably pitch in to help Jamal Turner out while he’s hanging in town


4.  And, since there have been recent photos of Hova looking a little soft, I’ll bet he ends up hitting the weight room with a special spotter.


(*Author’s note: I didn’t create this meme, and I’m not sure who the genius was that did, but I thought the Huskers deserved their own version.)



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