Burnpoetry’s Valentine’s Day Virtual Drop-Bag

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Sports
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Every year when I was a kid we would all spend time decorating up our little paper bags, glue-gunning hearts and glitter and any number of toxic items all over our Valentine’s Day Drop-Bag.  We would put them out on our desks and everyone would take a turn dropping off their Valentine and/or treats and we’d get to look at them at the end of the day. This year, to celebrate V-Day in a digital age, I put out a Valentine’s Day Digital Drop-Bag with the hopes that I’d get some goodies.

You won’t believe who left me Valentine’s Day cards.  The first picture is the front of the card and the second is the inside.  Check it out:

Bo Pelini stopped by and left a card:

Bo's V-DayBo Deux

LeBron James took time out from annihilating the league to stop by as well:


So did his teammate and BFF, Dwyane Wade:

Still can't figure out where to put the "Y"

Ndamukong Suh even left me a card:


Wait, LeBron left two?  And this one was also just signed “Latrell?”:

Slide5 Slide6

Tony Romo sent us a card:

Slide12 Slide13

Wow, Lawrence Phillips took time out from his un-busy schedule to send us some love?  You shouldn’t have, LP:

Slide20 Slide21

Manti Te’o broke his self-imposed social networking gag order just for us:

Slide14 Slide15

Lance Armstrong?  I bet his Valentine’s Day was a ball:

Slide16 Slide17

Ray Lewis’ card killed it:

Slide22 Slide23

Brett Favre even hooked it up:


And, OMG, look who left me a card!?!?!?:

Slide7 Slide8


  1. Sue Tolles says:

    this is really funny. Good job Chris

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