10 Ways to Tell if Bo Pelini is Taking His Talents to Knoxville

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Sports
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1.  He is spotted taking the Huskers’ 1997 Orange Bowl Trophy out of its case and packaging it in a box labeled, “To Peyton, With Love.  You were robbed!”

2.  He starts calling his t-shirts “Tee Martins.”

3.  He repeatedly says that his focus for bowl season will be “Volunteer-ism.”  Then winks directly into the cameras.

4.  He suddenly starts saying the word “Execute” with a Southern drawl.

5. He eschews Big Red for Jack Daniels flavored chewing gum.

Bo's New Gum?

6.  He’s overheard on the phone asking his personal tailor, “Do you have any of those crewnecks in orange?

7.  He laughs a little too loud when he overhears Taylor Martinez telling a girl “. . .’cause you’re the only Ten I see!”

8.  He is spotted wearing this in front of his full length mirror in the coaching office.

Bo, Rocking the Dooleypants


9.  He Challenges a recruit to a dueling banjos battle during an in-home visit.

10.  He Starts off a press conference by saying, “Howdy, ya’ll!”


  1. Ha! Very funny! Pelini’s flirted around with so many other schools he may as well take this job.

  2. Sue Tolles says:


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