Obligatory Thanksgiving Things I’m Thankful For Post

Posted: November 21, 2012 in Pop Culture
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In honor of Thanksgiving’s arrival tomorrow, here are just a few of the things I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful:

– For the sound of my little boy’s laughter, erupting giggles when tickling fingers land on the bullseye at the top of his miniature rib cage.

– For this clip from the greatest Thanksgiving movie of all-time:

– Fall beauty on the plains. Where Summer’s deep fat fried leaves crunch underfoot and apparition mists hover between gilded hills and the five o’clock shadow of chopped-corn stubble sandpapers the South wind’s last gasps of warmth.

– For the orchestral tones of carbonated water, concentrated orange juice, citric acid, acesulfame potassium, sodium benzoate, and yellow dye #5…AKA Diet Mountain Dew.

– For a wife that fuels me, loves me; for a heart that beats in time with my own.

– For a mother who cares more than I deserve.

– For a father that guides my course, directs my sail.

– For a brother that sends me these kinds of links in my e-mail just so I can continue to find Javale McGee’s public teabagging hilarious:

– For passion, burning white hot, sizzling in the depths.

– For mashed potatoes.

– For the sound of my son’s snoring, a barely-audible white flag surrendering to sleep, tucked in by night and by loving hands and by little dreams of growing big.

– For HD NBA on TNT.

– For words. Written, spoken, truths, fiction, Shakespearean or simple.

– For corny-as-hell jokes on Twitter: “Black Friday? Is that a day for shopping or a semi-racist Ice Cube family movie?”

– For mornings when Her leg touches mine under a pile of blankets, curling smoothly, flesh to flesh.

– For friends that stand beside me, even if we’re miles apart, that have indelibly inked their name in my small story and my favorite tall tales.

– For anyone who reads, shares, enjoys, or gives a part of a damn about Burnpoetry.

– For anyone who’s read this far.

– Husker Football.

– Especially Husker football win streaks.

– For summer nights under prairie stars, constellation eyes turning gazes to the stratosphere, bonfire at our feet, bonfire in our hearts.

– For the SyFy Channel ignoring spellcheck.

– For this:

– For the men and women of our armed forces who purchased our freedom with blood and with courage.

– For a world that allows any whack-job with a keyboard to crank out lists, poems, nonsense, and clips of Jean Claude van Damme dancing to atrocious music.

– For a holiday that stops our ever-ticking clocks, if only for a heartbeat or two, so that we may open our arms as wide as a family’s love, crack a smile, and give thanks.

– Oh, and this song. I’m definitely thankful for this:


  1. madhat says:

    I always read to the end. And you’re on my grateful list.

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