10 Theories on Why Shawn Eichorst is Un-Taking His Talents to South Beach (and Going to Nebraska)

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Sports
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(*Author’s note: Former University of Miami-Florida athletic director, Shawn Eichorst has been named as Tom Osborne’s successor as AD at the University of Nebraska.  If you didn’t know. . .then now you know.  Here are some theories as to why he might be leaving behind the U.)

1.  The glitz and glamor of a Midwestern college town in January could lure anyone away from the drab, gray nights of Miami Beach.

2.  After MTV announced it was canceling Jersey Shore after this year, there was no chance it was coming back for another season in Miami.

3.  Mess up the Nebraska job?  You get fired.  Mess up the Miami job?  You get Ray Lewis.

4.  Linoma Beach > Miami Beach.

5.  This:

6.  This is what his contract negotiations looked like with the University of Miami:

7.  He clearly didn’t want to work for a program that was completely and utterly dominant in the early ‘90s and has since faded to mediocrity.  Wait. . .

8.  Does this guy really look like someone who belongs in Miami?

9.  Tom Osborne usually sets the bar pretty low, as far as expectations for job performance go.

10.  He’ll never have to see this again:



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