11 Years Later

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Burn Poetry
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On this day, 11 years ago,
Darkness kicked open the door.
Spilled from under our childhood beds
Like the crawling monsters we imagined at a quarter past Midnight
With our night lights off.
It stained our country,
Hot metal flames kissing the edges of our
And our constitutional beliefs.
On this day, 11 years ago,
We were attacked.

But on this day, 11 years past
The viciousness
That felled two towers
And imploded the innocence of a generation
Into a twisted metal carcass
Of steel
And concrete,
We do not shy away from the tears
That well,
From the flood that is dammed behind
The now-grown eyes of men and women;
Brothers and sisters.

For on this day, 11 years past
The insidiousness
That caved in one of five sides,
And collapsed too many lives,
Has yet to buckle our knees,
Has yet to force us down,
Has yet to lure us in with its opiate promises of blackness
And despair.

11 Years ago we clung to our flag.
A safety net of Stars,
A life raft of Stripes.
We held onto our one nation
We reached out and found the calming hands
And tear-wet shoulders
Of loved ones,
And lovers;
Brick by brick,
Person by person,
Mortared together by tragedy and strength.

11 years ago we rose,
Our battle-drum hearts pounding
Our eyes looking East
To the rising of the sun.
To the dust we had gone.
From the dust we had risen.
As Phoenix
And Eagle
We climbed as they fell
Dug deep in our sky-scraping hearts
And from fires,
Forged resolve.

11 years ago today,
America was attacked.
11 years ago today,
America was staggered.
We steadied ourselves with hope and with love.
With freedom.
With heroes.
With hands holding hands
Holding those who would crumble.

On this day, 11 years past tragedy,
Let us join together once again.

To thank those who charged in,
Where some would retreat,
To salute, with untrembling hand
And unweeping eye,
Those who protect us still;
Our talons of the Eagle.
To the people who knowingly,
Willfully, added their blood to our flag,
And those who still do.

Today let us join together once again.
To remember.
To always remember.


  1. madhat says:

    Thank-you, Chris, for reminding us to not forget. At lunch I saw a flag at 1/2 mast and had to puzzle
    over “why?” Then it came to me. I’d not said the full date yet. I’m so glad you asked me to reflect.

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