Dusk on the Plains

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Burn Poetry
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Daylight stumbles
Between hills,
Shadows slow motion barrel-rolling,
A carpeted ambush that eases nearer.
Viscous July
Clinging to us,
Like sap between two fingers.

Heat-drunk air
Lolls Around us,
Uncomfortable comforter.
Dusk tells slurred tales of the night’s
Wayward arrival,
Tongue thick with prairie haze,
Spinning yarns
In south breeze whispers,
Rustling promises with cornfield echoes.
Blast furnace wind
Ruffles the unkempt
Tall grass.
Perfectly wild.
The ripples dance from blade to blade,
Spasms of wilderness
Licking hungrily at the fenceline
Of the manicured
Agricultural mane.
The sun burns low,
Long wick chewed short,
Swallowed from sight
By sledge hammered plains
And kiln scorched hills.
Pink scorch marks,
Low-hanging scars borne of
Firmamental battles,
Staining plains periphery
Begin to loosen their grip.
Daylight stumbles
Between hills.



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