The Sliding Doors

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Burn Poetry
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Open and shut
steel molars
gnashing on spring air
sucking in april like the bottom of a milkshake
the freshness spills onto the faux-marble floor
my pupils dilate back to focus
gaze grazing
on the grass that’s greener
a pasteurized pasture
buffering street from sidewalk
Open and shut
lips parting to inhale
prairie air unsifted from urban corners
smoking Midwest unfiltered
menthol not included

Open and shut
they coast smoothly
miles from the coast
revealing a blacktop beach
smooth-grained obsidian current whisking pickups
and minivans
and SUVS on their way
an undertow of 40 miles per hour
my sandpaper eyes
zoom grainy panoramic
peppered with flecks of http://
from nomadic hours of  web wanderings

Open and shut
the young girl pregnantly pacing
her bus’ arrival is there and gone
lobby window-tinted Houdini trick
a rabbit pulling a magician out of the
black hood of her sweatshirt
my eyes fender-bend into the computer screen
skidding to an articially lit silent crash.

Open and shut.


  1. amh says:

    Love this!

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