Guerilla Poetry

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Burn Poetry
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Inspiration hits,
Cat-paw quiet,
Snake-jaw quick.
Drive-by creativity
With no witnesses.
Spraying .45 caliber words,
These bystanders aren’t innocent.
My hands twitch,
Vesuvius un-erupted,
By policies and politicos
And hand-me-down syringes tipped with lethargic
I want to break out,
Big-Bang from the dusky cellar,
Expand exponentially;

The words entwine,
Snaking from line to line
A creeping vine,
Arterial pathways
In black ink
Pumping life force,
Towards some unknown,
Unseen brain.

Guerilla poetry emerges from a paper treeline,
Peripheral ambush,
Lurching from the uninspired underbrush
In a suicide charge.

It forces its way between blacktop
Like an urban oasis;
Flowering between sidewalk gaps and pothole malfunctions
And asphalt rivers with sweeping currents.

Guerilla Poetry
Strobes through thoughts,
Inner lightning,
Synaptic fireworks;
Flash photography of the soul.
It isn’t rigid or defined
But bendable,
Iron flash-heated to pliability
Forged in the heated depths,
Black type blacksmithed into a deadly weapon.

I don my battleface.

Ink stains are warpaint.

Guerilla Poetry is a joust.

I charge the outside world with lancing pen at the ready.


  1. Sue Tolles says:

    in your case 1 word is worth a thousand pictures

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