Posted: November 30, 2011 in Burn Poetry
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We are fighters, you and I,
So let’s fight side by side,
back to back.
Let’s ride out and greet the dawn,
lay waste the night and leave the pallid moon in our wake.
Let’s fight heat with heat,
hate with heart
swing blazing fists
as bare-knuckled brawlers.
Let’s laugh with blood between our teeth
and warpaint staining our faces.

We’re fighters, you and I.
We’re maulers.
The front line of a suicide charge.
Shoulder to shoulder,
back to back,
with eyes full of stars and gritted teeth that smile
we dash to the brink of midnight;
to glory and fortune and beautiful pain and reckless pandemonium.

So pump the bellows.
Stoke your courage.
Wrap battle-tested hands once more
and stand with me.
Fill your lungs with unsung battlecries
and howl.
As wolves we shall battle.
We are fighters, you and I.


  1. I love the drama. Nice descriptions.

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