The Veterans

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Miscellaneous
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These proud, silent few.
These torchbearers that beat back the night.
Who ride out and greet the rising sun,
Lay waste the darkness and keep the light of a proud nation held trumphantly alight.
Let them stand today, let these lions roar.
Let those who man the gate of a nation, stand a post at the wall of a world,
Who march forward when others would turn to flee,
Let these warriors stand to be recognized.

Freedom in 2011 is not bought on credit.
It is not given, nor bartered, nor borrowed
But earned.
With lives.
With courage.
With tired legs charging up burning hills
And steely eyes meeting the Reaper’s own gaze;
It is purchased by hot metal and cool heads,
By men and by women.
By Americans.

Today we give thanks.

For the warriors of the past whose very blood stained the flag we now salute.
For the future, illuminated by the unwavering flame that burns within the heart of a soldier.
Today we give thanks for the Talons of the Eagle.

(*Author’s note: on this, a day to honor our Veterans, I give you thanks.  To all who have served, serve us still, and to those who have yet to serve: thank you.  You are lions, stand and roar.)

  1. amh says:

    What a beautiful truth. Many people share your sentiments but only a few have the gift to express it like this. Great work.

  2. Glenn says:


  3. Sue Tolles says:

    as usual you find the right words. thank you

  4. Sue Tolles says:

    Beautiful and heartfelt words. I will post this at work

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