Failing the Eyeball Test

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Burn Poetry
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They sit there,
Perched on smug faces.
Residing roughly two inches from Marlboro lips.

Not for vision but for a misguided sense of cool.
With all the magnification of a snorkel mask they hook an intellectual facade behind each ear.
He can see just fine.

He’s as 20/20 as Barbara Walters.
About the only thing
he can’t see,
From behind his horn-rimmed,
Acoustic jam-band,
Americano chai latte pounding,
How dumb he looks now
When 2 years ago,
Back before glasses were
He could see just fine.

He’s a superman-less Clark Kent
Or a Peter Parker wannabe
Who stepped on his radioactive chance at superpowers
With the heel of a Chuck Taylor

You wouldn’t hit a man with glasses,
Would you?

Only if they’re fake.


  1. Sue Tolles says:

    interesting I miss reading your writings

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