The State of the Union
Is a state of disillusion.
As rich and powerfuls encircle
Presidential podium
They squabble and squawk for corporate scraps
And Red, White, and Blue fades to dollar-bill green.

While two parties arm wrestle for power
Like two drunken bar patrons each vying for the attention of beer-goggled ladies
Our country treads water
With leaden arms
And the blood in the water has attracted sinister
Black finned predators.

While our leaders wipe dirty consciences clean
With country club towels
And wipe their feet on a constitutional doormat
The job seekers
Turn hunters;
Baying at the neon lights
in hungry packs.

The State of the Union
is a state of disillusion.

Hollow words spoken on hallowed ground
Will light no fires in the night;
Will not pierce the foggy gloom of the times.
The cyclical ebb and flow of our nation
Has begun weaving
And we need two firm hands to grab the wheel.
Or I fear the tide will stay out.

There’s hope yet.
Hands over still-beating patriot hearts
And lips murmuring
The words of resiliency:
“With liberty and justice. . .”


  1. Sue Tolles says:

    very true well said

  2. madhat says:

    Your tone reminds me a little of my favorite poet – e. e. cummings. I”d like to recommend you read his poem – next to of course god america i…

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