What it do, Readers? 2011 Edition

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Miscellaneous

As the new year arrives, Burnpoetry finds itself at a crossroads.  I know, I know.  That’s a bit melodramatic and more than a bit cliched, but as much fun and as much better as 2010 actually went than expected for the whole “blogging experiement”, I’d love for 2011 to go even better.

So that leads to my usual appeal for feedback.  I know it’s kind of lame for me to repeatedly seek your validation, but hey, Husker football is nearing a close and I graduated from college so I have to attempt to be more efficient with my blogging.

Which leads to my usual appeal: tell me what you think.  Do you want more sports?  Do you want Husker football as often as I post it?  Would you rather see more movies/music/pop culture discussions?  Did you like the short stories?  The poetry?  Would you like more BurnAudio, BurnVideo or for me to grab the keyboard and smash it over my head like an enraged fake wrestler so I can’t type anymore?

Let me know.  I hope that 2011 brings happiness to all of you readers and that you’ll respond so I know how to best connect with my audience of 8 readers.

As always, feel free to post online here or email me at downthehatch402@gmail.com.



  1. Sue Tolles says:

    I love your short stories, the audio and video are always entertaining, pop culture? There is always some thing I don’t understand. Do you do politics? Job search or wedding planning.

  2. Lynette Rotolo says:

    Chris,I love your postings,although some sports refs are lost on me. Don’t stop writing as I look forward to them. GO BIG RED!!!!!!! Aunt Lynette

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