Today is my Dad’s birthday.  So, Happy birthday Dad.  And, along with that birthday shout out, I just discovered that he shares a birthday with one Mark “Bo” Pelini.  So that got me to thinking, “what gifts are probably on Bo’s birthday wish list?”  Thankfully, Wikileaks released a top-secret wish list that Bo had written to friends and family with the 10 things he wanted most:

#1.  Dan Beebe Memorial Punching Bag

2.  Blowup Doll of Mack Brown’s Wife

3.  Exclusive rights to genetic blueprint, and U.N. permission to begin cloning procedure, for “Ndamukong Suh II”

4.  Holiday Crew Neck Sweater

5.  Lifetime Cardholder Status in “Hooters: Gold Club Elite” program (to be immediately re-gifted to Carl)

6.  Same AT&T Mobile Phone package as Taylor Martinez, so that I can sext Mrs. Pelini from the locker room at halftime

7.  3 More Rex Burkheads.

8.  Gift certificate to dermatologists office, with enough points to get “Deluxe, Ultra-Botox Treatment,” to remove those pesky frown lines

9.  Marinara flavored chewing gum to chomp angrily during Holiday Bowl

10.  A new offensive coordinator


  1. Sue Tolles says:

    very funny and probably very true

  2. madhat says:

    Bo looks so cute in holiday sweater!

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