There have been a lot of rumors, most just barely on the outside of being considered legitimate, that have reported that Bo Pelini took a phone call from someone representing the University of Miami this past week about their current coaching vacancy.

I’m not entirely sure that we have to worry about this, but until I hear one way or another I’m going to have to look for other signs on whether or not Bo’s going.

So, ladies and gentleman of Burnpoetry, here’s 10 subtle signs to watch to determine whether Bo’s going to the sand and surf:

1.  Bo is spotted on campus wearing a gold rope chain that’s big enough to officially make him the sole white member of 2 Live Crew.

2.  Bo arrives to a press conference with the word “Swag” carved into what little hair he has left.

3.  Jim Gray is spotted in Lincoln looking for a good interview spot for “The Decision II.”

4.  The Huskers step off the airplane for the Holiday Bowl wearing military fatigues.

5.  Bo begins talking with a very distinct, Tony Montana-ish, accent.

6.  Bo can be seen in Gary Michael’s Clothier, trying on white sport coats that come with teal undershirts, a-la-Don Johnson from “Miami Vice.”

7.  Bo is spotted at Kohl’s, loading up on flip-flops and man thongs.

8.  Bo Announces that his next press conference will be held at The Boys and Girls Club of Lincoln.

9.  Bo buys the Ultra High, Super Intensity, Maximum Power Spray Tan package at Max Tan.

10. Bo cuts the sleeves off his crew neck sweatshirt in anticipation of warmer weather.


  1. Sue Tolles says:

    very funny

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