Well, well, well. . .if you’re still reading after I took the better part of a week to eat and, well, eat some more, then you’re truly a devoted reader of Burnpoetry.  Thanks.  Sorry for the extended vacation but it’s tough to post when your phone’s broken, there’s a constant myriad of great football games on, and nothing but turkey and mashed potatoes coursing through your blood stream.  Seriously, if they had a “damn-I-ate-too-much breathalyzer” I would’ve blown .fat.  But, I digress.  Back to the topic at hand.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers came into last Friday’s game embattled, injured at a few critical positions, and with the Nebraska program getting more scrutiny than they have since Bill Callahan was impeached as President of Douchebaggery back in 2007.  They came in, however, and executed (*Author’s note: Bo Pelini’s favorite phrase of the year.) and pulled out an impressive 45-17 win over a Colorado team that, while not particularly worth a damn, was playing their best football of the year.

Here are a few things that I noticed during the game on Friday:

P-90Rex Went Buffalo Bill on CU

Rex Burkhead shredded Colorado on the ground.  He operated out of the wildcat formation with a great level of effectiveness and Shawn Watson finally grew a set and allowed him to throw the ball.  The wildcat is predicated upon the possibility that the running back receiving the snap is a threat to throw and, prior to the game against CU, Burkhead had been severely underutilized in that method of attack.

Burkhead, who has been building steam as a great runner since the initial injury to Taylor Martinez, truly put on a show.  He was able to run the offense quite well, pounding and bulling his way inside and leaving behind a wake of bloated, Buffalo carcasses that would’ve made Buffalo Bill himself proud.

Look for Burkhead to remain the focal point of the offense as long as he can maintain his composure and take some of the pressure off of Cody Green against the Sooners next weekend.

Speaking of Cody Green

He looked better Friday.  Cody, with his tremendous physical intangibles, has been a bit of a work in progress this season.  He’s looked good at times, tentative at others, but has avoided a lot of the “What the hell are you doing???!!!!????!!!???” moments this season.  And, yes, sometimes his throws last season had us all using exactly that many question marks and exclamation points.

He looked confident, calm, and in command of the offense.  He didn’t do anything spectacular, but he provided us with Zac Lee 2.0: a more athletic, slightly-more-big-play capability game manager that we so desperately need.  He may not be  flashy or have the kind of explosive downfield capabilities that Taylor Martinez brought to the table, but that’s no longer an option.  Strap in and get ready for a shit-load of handoffs, Husker fans.

Shawn Watson Unleashes the Hounds

I’m not sure if Watson was just auditioning for a job with his old school, or if he finally stopped hitting the “Ask Corso” button in his office this week, but he seemed to do an okay job.  I’ve been an outspoken critic of his for a long, long while and still am ready to see him head for the marijuana-laden hills of Colorado, but he took an interesting step forward this weekend.  He seemed to loosen the reigns a bit and let our offense, and in particular Burkhead, a little bit of breathing room.

Let’s hope that he can continue to let a little bit of his Pre-Pelini creativity out and that he can give us all something to look forward to when our offense trots out for the first play of the Big XII title game.

The Referee/Pelini Split Screen

The fine staff of ABC did their best to keep an eye on Bo Pelini this week for all of us.  With literally every penalty they would divide the screen in half to show Bo on one section and the referees in the other.  It was like watching an episode of “Divorce Court” right before they announce the verdict.  Both sides, pacing, nervously eyeing the other and waiting to see if either person blows up. 

The refs picked up their fair share of flags.  Perhaps they knew they were being scrutinized, perhaps they were worried about treating the Huskers too unfairly.  Whatever the cause of their pre-mature e-flag-ulations, it was interesting to watch Bo, knowing that he was being watched.

I’ll have a few more takes on this game this week, as well as bringing my thoughts on the Dan Beebe’s cowardice and the upcoming Big 12 title game.


  1. Sue Tolles says:

    we want more Burkhead, more Burkhead, more Burkhead!!!!! The old guy in front of us at the game game me a”women don’t understand football” look when I said they should let Burkhead pass. Bring on the Sooners

  2. madhat says:

    I really liked the “Divorce Court” simile! How true.

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