NBA: Intriguing Storylines for 2010-11 Season

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Sports
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I understand that, to many Nebraskans, writing about any sport other than football this time of year is a huge waste of time.  However, I have been a huge NBA fan ever since amassing a fortune of Reggie Miller cards somewhere around 3rd grade.  While Reggie has retired, and with him any hopes of ever seeing the Pacers become anything more than a Honky dumping ground for unathletic, pasty guys (Just watch, I guarantee they draft Kyle Singler this upcoming year) I have continue to love the NBA as much, if not more, as any other sport around.

Here are a few things that I’m looking forward to keeping an eye on in the ongoing NBA season.  I know it’s late for a “season preview” piece, but here goes my best attempt nonetheless.

Bron-Bron and the Heat-Heat

It’s not secret that LeBron James has “taken his talents to South Beach.”  In fact it’s the exact opposite of a secret.  Bron-Bron has taken more than his “talents” to South Beach, however.  He’s taken a complete media circus, unrivaled pressure, and his 3 minute-long commercials as well.  He’s taken an “I-don’t-care-what-anyone-thinks-of-me” PR campaign that fails every time he logs into Twitter and calls out “the haters.”  But, and this is something we should not forget, he also takes potentially the most athletic ability and back-to-back MVP trophies.  After losing in their much-ballyhooed opening game against the Celtics, who appeared to be in 100% playoff mode, the Heat have looked fairly impressive.

There are sure to be some ups and downs, and an almost endless media cycle on this team, but I am firmly one of those that believes that the East is Miami’s to lose.  The prospect of Dwyane Wade, LeBron, and Chris Bosh’s velociraptor-looking body sprinting downcourt on a fast break is enough to make Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Ron-Jeremy’s-Stunt-Double Gundy shave his porn ‘stache and check himself into coaching rehab.

The questions abound but I can’t help but wonder whether this Miami experiment will end up more like “Scarface”, with a blood-bath shootout and a whole lot of cocaine addiction or more like “Bad Boys II,” with a family barbecue and a whole lot of laughter.

Can the Lakers Complete a 3-Peat

The Western Conference’s strongest team is undoubtedly the Los Angeles Lakers.  While they’re aging quickly, with an average age of 28 years old, they have only gotten stronger in the offseason with the additions of Steve Blake and Matt Barnes.  Kobe Bryant is still recovering knee surgery and he still has a lingering finger injury from the previous season, but figures to be his usual self.  If Kobe can keep playing his role, letting the offense come to him, and not forcing his shot, Phil Jackson and Co. should still be the team to beat.

Who Will Win the NBA’s coveted Euro-Trash Player of the Year Award?

Reigning champion Sasha Vujacic, from the L.A. Lakers, recently cut his hair and began dating Maria Sharapova.  So he’s clearly out.  Dirk Nowitzki’s hair has grown out to girlish lengths and you just get the feeling that at some point he’ll decide to let that slithering goatee crawl around his face some more.  My own, personal, vote for the front-runner: Pau Gasol.  The Spaniard from Lakers sports a whoops-my-razor’s-been-broken-for-4-days look that makes the Chilean miners whom were recently rescued look like paragons of cleanliness and his sweaty mane of hair often times leaves me feeling like he was born on the corner of Seasame Street and To Catch a Predator Avenue.

Will John Wall or Blake Griffin Win Rookie of the Year

Griffin, who missed the entire season last year with a knee injury, may indeed be the Los Angeles Clippers’ only hope at ever not sucking.  Owner Donald Sterling has seen to it that his franchise remains a complete joke, but they may have lucked into something very big with Griffin.  He’s injected freakish athleticism, energy, and a tenacious rebounding streak that has some wondering if the Clips can stop touting Billy Crystal’s courtside appearance as their main attraction.

Wall, with his blazing speed and equally outstanding athletic ability, has a chance to revitalize another franchise fallen on hard times.  Taken with the first overall draft pick in last April’s draft, Wall has quickly drawn positive media to a team that received more attention last season for racking up gun charges than they did for winning.  In fact, their win percentage is roughly the same as the caliber of the weapon point guard Gilbert Arenas pointed at his own teammates head.  .357.  Good luck, Mr. Wall, you’ll certainly need it.

How Long Before We Have Another “Decision” on Our Hands

As I mentioned earlier, LeBron shook up the way players handle owners in the NBA.  This impact, and this brazenness by one of the league’s biggest names has set a precedent that undoubtedly has left many GM’s and owners quivering in their $3,000 Armani Loafers.  The Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony as well as the New Orleans Hornets’ Chris Paul have both expressed desires to move elsewhere this offseason.  With the way Bron-Bron screwed-screwed Cleveland?  Watch for Anthony and Paul to feel the freedom to do the same.  After all, the local media may hate on them for their choice, but they almost certainly won’t pass by “The King” in the “dude we hate the most” polls.

Anthony, long known as a prima-donna, could be shipping out for the soon-to-be-Brooklyn Nets and their billionaire Russian owner’s deep pockets, and Paul could be getting his much-publicized wish to join Amar’e Stoudemire in NYC.  Or, and this would be the greatest shock of them all, they could remain where they are.

In Conclusion

If this NBA season doesn’t have enough plot twists, crazy matchups and power struggles to keep you happy then no show (Not even “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”) has enough drama for you.  Keep your eyes peeled, your televisions on, and your seats in their full and upright positions.



  1. Sue Tolles says:

    sorry I can’t share your love of the NBA.

  2. Schnizz says:

    People need to stop hating the lakers just because of kobe. Lakers for another 3 peats. And yeah…. how the hell did he chance to date one of the hottest tennis player ever?

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