Ahhh!  October is finally here.  The best month of the year has officially arrived and I could not be more thrilled.  I won’t waste too much time jocking on my favorite month so, without further ado, here are 10 reasons to like October.  As if you needed them.

1.  It’s The Unofficial Sponsor of Beer Festivals Everywhere

Oktoberfest, Octoberfest, and Octobeerfest are all festivals held in this glorious month.  How can you not love a month that celebrates beer drinking in high quantities?  Virtually all of the beer companies roll out delicious fall-themed beers and trying them all only makes October that much better.  Personally, I plan on drinking so much OctoBeer that I don’t sober up until it’s Christmas time.  November’s overrated anyway, right?

2.  Football, Football, and More Football

There’s pro football on Sunday.  College on Saturday.  Hell there’s even Lingerie football on MTV-Whatever if that’s what you’re into.  If you are, let me just say this: perv.  I watch football every day of the week but Tuesday and Wednesday.  Starting Thursday night I turn into a catatonic, football-absorbing machine that can hardly be roused except to enjoy the aforementioned beer.  Huskers, Nighthawks, and any NFL game worth a damn, are all just another reason to love October.

3. The Leaves Start Changing Colors

Bear with me here, before you start calling me a pansy or a hapless romantic.  Keep in mind here, all you haters, that we do live in Nebraska, which means that we’re pretty hard-pressed for any good scenery.  When the leaves change over we finally get to enjoy some of the limited perks that living in a state that’s flatter than a wall street “profits” graph. 

We may not have mountains, beaches or, hell, hardly anything but miles of cornfield, but at least our leaves change into beautiful crimson, gold and brown.

4. The Weather Starts to Cool Off…Finally

This one’s not all that different from #3.  But, as anyone who’s suffered through a Nebraska August can attest, it’s worth devoting more than just one paragraph to.   August in Nebraska is so hot that Satan would probably buy a pool membership.  We spend the entire month lacquered in enough sweat to make Shaq’s dripping close-ups at the free-throw line look like amateur hour and then we follow that up with September, which is kind of like the Coke Zero version of August.  Damn near the same thing, but with just enough fluctuations to call it something different.  So when August and September get done tag-teaming us we’re so ready for a breath of cool air that October feels like leaping into the pool right after an hour in the hot tub.

5. Halloween Candy

In true, legally obese fashion, I’m a sucker for Halloween candy.  Candy Corn, all the special “fall candies”, and especially the Mallow Pumpkins, that have been calling to my inner (and outer for that matter) fat guy like the Sirens called to Odysseus’ crew ever since they reached the shelves of local grocers in late summer.  I buy the candy “just in case we get trick or treaters” every year, which is code for “I’m going to eat the whole bag before it’s even the 23rd of the month” and then I buy some more when it goes on sale at every store known to man.  I feel like I need to go get on a treadmill just writing about all this stuff.  But I’ll probably just go have a Twix.

6. Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes are cute on kids and can be fun to design when you’re an adult. It’s always fun to dress up and party and it’s equally fun to see what the latest trend in costume fashion will be.  (*Author’s note: I’m predicting even more “Jersey Shore” costumes this year) However, #6 comes with some serious consequences.  Some girls see this holiday as an opportunity to unleash their inner skank, dress up wearing less than Saran wrap, and flounce about town looking like they’re ready to put in their audition tape for “Rock of Love.” 

No worries, though, says some un-written law of Halloween when you’re in college, you can always say it’s “just a costume.”  Dudes can throw on that skirt and tight t-shirt they’ve had in the closet and think that it’s cool to let their hairy cleavage out for some fresh October air.  Neither of these is cool, but since you can’t get people dressed up without some consequences I can deal with them.

#7.  The NBA Starts

I know that a lot of my readers probably don’t like the NBA.  That doesn’t bother me, but I’m more excited for this year’s NBA season than any in recent memory.  There’re great storylines, intriguing matchups, and much, much more that I will delve deeper into in a later blog post.  October 26th and 27th, you better believe I’ll have my remote ready for the best athletes in the world.

#8.  Baseball is Finally Over

I’m a notorious baseball hater amongst my friends and a noted sports fanatic that struggles infinitely with the simple act of turning off ESPN for more than 23 minutes.  So imagine my joy when football takes over completely.  Imagine how glad I am that not only is the WNBA wallowing in complete anonymity like it deserves, but soon we will no longer be subjected to Tim Kurkjian breaking down Derek Lowe’s WHIP or his lifetime stats against left-handed hitters wearing purple on thursday nights.  The highlight packages will no longer include golf, WNBA, or MLB?  That’s my idea of paradise.

#9.  Good Horror Movies

With enough horror movies to watch one a day for the rest of your life, the period of horror movie mayhem that begins in mid-October and stretches until Halloween is the penultimate stretch of terror-T.V.  I will watch “The Shining” and “Halloween” a minimum of 22 times in the next 25 days.  I will see so many steady-cam shots, blurred-out-for-cable nudity and hear so many “chi-chi-chi. . .ah-ah-ah”s from “Friday the 13th” that my head will literally be spinning like the girl from “The Exorcist.”

#10.  Bad Horror Movies

Truth be told, I might like crappy Halloween horror movies better than the good ones.  Gems like “Driller Killer,” featuring a battery operated drill used as a murder weapon and “Halloween 4” which is on literally every 2 hours on AMC the closer to Halloween we actually get, are sources of too much joy for  loser like myself.

The closer to the 31st we get, the more you’ll find me couch-side, flipping alternately between SyFy, AMC’s Fearfest, and any other channel that has a movie on involving masked serial killers stalking dumb, 20-something-year-old girls that can’t seem to stop boozing long enough to know they’re about to get stabbed.

Ahhhh!  October.


  1. vshout says:

    One reason to hate October is Halloween, although I would still include #5 on your list. Costumes (#6) is dubious in my mind, but maybe that was due to a bad experience travelling incognito one Halloween with two pregnant women (I’ll leave the details to your imagination but none of the Top 10 Commandments were broken). But mostly, I hate Halloween because it’s my birthday. Only Christmas would be a worse day to be born.


  2. Looove #8. Couldn’t agree more. Good to see I’m not the only person who can’t stand the World’s Most Boring Sport (next to golf maybe…hehe)

  3. Shreya says:

    Yes!! There is no better month than October 🙂

  4. I’m fairly certain there is no better month for beer. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Summer Shandy on a hot summer’s day, but Sam Adams’ Octoberfest? Nothing beats it.

  5. minnesotatransplant says:

    This was better than a good “attempt.” Enjoyed it, especially “the Coke Zero version of August. Damn near the same thing, but with just enough fluctuations to call it something different.”

  6. Erica Scime says:

    Amen to candy corn. And changing leaves. And beer festivals. My only other contributions would be fall fashion and the start of the hockey season 🙂

  7. I’m on board with you mainly for reasons #1 through #5 & #6 for the cute little kiddos. Oh and you’re not a pansy, only a real man would admit to loving the colors of nature! Great post, congrats on being Pressed!

  8. Amy says:

    October is my very favorite month! I love everything about it especially Halloween. Not really into sports and beer, but I can totally get behind #3, 4, 5, 6 and definitely #9 and 10!

  9. elenasc says:

    People please do not hate me, but I actually just wrote a post called “Why everybody loves fall(???)”. I guess it could be the other side of these “10 Reasons to Love October”.
    Drop by if you have the chance, it would be nice to have your comments!


  10. beckyyk says:

    i love october. absolutely love it.

  11. Nice post! I too look forward to the changing of colors. Also, it’s a whirl of activity with all the pheasant hunters coming in; so it’s a good time 🙂

  12. Kate says:

    Aside from #7 I am 100% on board (I guess that would make me 90% on board) 🙂 . Great post! I LOVE October!

  13. runtobefit says:

    The biggest thing has to be the weather change. You can actually go outside and not melt!


  14. Lúz says:

    Well, in South Africa that’s when Spring kicks in full throttle!

  15. #10. Because my birthday is on the 27th lol x_x

  16. Haha, October is an epic month
    Especially the weather we have in this one

  17. You’ve listed every reason why I love October. #7 used to be higher on my list of priorities, but it’s sort of a “whatever” factor now. However, everything Halloween…football…no baseball…leaves changing…cooler weather…horror movies…all of that. Love it! Love this time of year! Thanks for sharing…

  18. Great post. I lift my stein to you!

  19. Jim Nixon says:

    Well, I’m not a drinkin’ man and don’t have much use for Halloween or professional sports ( Would much rather “do” than “watch”…. ). Used to hunt a lot as a young man, so I still get a bit “antsy” this time of year….Do enjoy walks in the park on cold, gray, wintery days, leaves or no….
    Wrong….Nebraska, like Kansas, is a beautiful state. Ever been to Scotts Bluff? Dearly love the wastelands of the Great Plains, primo riding country. The Flint Hills of Kansas are fantastic. So much for the “Easty” and “Westy” stereotypes.
    Downside is riding season is winding down, Milwaukee Vibrator will be more and more in the garage with battery tender attached…..

  20. And the beginning of the fall term!

  21. noitschris says:

    I’d like to say that October is my favourite month too. Another thing to love about October, atleast for us Canadians, is Thanksgiving. 🙂

    – Christopher

  22. Not a big sports fan – but will go with all the other reasons. Up here in Calgary, Alberta Canada – we had an unusually cool, rainy summer and I am love, love, loving this glorious colorful, time of crisp golden leaves and golden trees and golden days. Nah, you’re not a pansy.

  23. I love the colors of autumn leaves…

  24. thesnackingstudent says:

    Haha, thank you. This really made me laugh (and got me super excited for this month’s festivities)!

  25. wineguider says:

    “chi-chi-chi. . .ah-ah-ah”s — Awesome!!

    Don’t forget, “ss-ss-sss . . . ”


  26. Lakia says:

    I love #2 and 3– my favvvvvs

  27. Leah says:

    Completely agree. October is my favorite month with Halloween as my favorite holiday.

  28. I do love beer and the start of basketball season, however I hate scary movies (the good and the bad) and I have a DATING CURSE that happens each October!!!


  29. rtcrita says:

    I can relate to reasons 3,4,5 & 6. Candy Corn is my favorite. I buy it proudly with no shame whatsoever that I fully intend to eat the whole bag by myself! 🙂

    Here’s how Halloween looks around my neighborhood, http://rtcrita.wordpress.com/2010/10/11/its-almost-time/ Have a fun & safe Halloween, everybody!

  30. Ammon says:

    Great list! The only thing I would be add is the classic It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! special that airs once a year at this time. Definitely something that makes me feel nostalgic every October.

  31. apercevoir says:

    #s 3,4, and 9 are definitely good reasons to love October 🙂 Love it!

  32. Karen says:

    I love most of these, yes I don’t like baseball either, but would like to weather to stay a little warmer. My absolute favorite thing is when the leaves dance along the road when a breeze blows them or I drive over them in my car…always puts a smile on my face.

  33. hermosaflor says:

    haha really true… no 1,4,5,6,8,9,10…VERY GOOD REASONS

    follow my blog. hermosaflor.wordpress.com 😛

  34. Jeremy says:

    One more reason to love October: It has my birthday. ‘Nuff said.


  35. ancaparema says:

    I loved your list! Especially the candy part, although you don’t have to worry about the weight gain:

    Candy offers no negative health effects during the week before and following Halloween. Fact.

    • burnpoetry says:

      Thank goodness I had someone with your scientific and nutritional knowledge, ancaparema, to shed light on this issue. I’d love to sit down and have a long chat about it, but I’m going to be too busy running to Wal-Mart to score some Snickers.

  36. irlgirllol says:

    You forgot about canadian thanksgiving!

  37. HollyHammer13 says:

    minus the football starting and the end of baseball, i love your post! expecially the beer part!

  38. Can’t forget apple picking! Apple picking always lead to October pies, muffins, tarts…. seriously good stuff.

  39. Oh, October, how I love thee!! Apple Orchards, wagon rides, pumpkin EVERYTHING, amazing tapestry of color outside my window, ‘chocolate bottomed’ candy corn…no more scary movies for me, though, and I admit to loving my baseball. I am more of a foo foo drink than beer drink kind of gal. But its all good. Its ALL good in October!!

  40. misssheltonb says:

    Cheers! The only thing good to drink when not enjoyin the fall beer is the return of the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks! Another reason to ❤ October!

  41. saramosier says:

    9 and 10 are my favorite reasons. Also, “flounce about town looking like they’re ready to put in their audition tape for ‘Rock of Love'” made me literally lol

  42. Livius says:

    I love October because is my Birthday’s Month. 😉

  43. Football, Football, and More Football 😀 that is right by 3d araba oyunlarıgönülden sevenler

  44. Lenny says:

    I think October is the most depressing month ever. Wind comes, winter stands outside the door and the sun is gone. And you know: This will go on for 3 months now. October is the monday of months 😀

    • burnpoetry says:

      Lenny?!? I would prefer to think of October as the Monday of months. . .on a 3-day weekend. Really nice, even though you know you’ll have to get back to reality very soon.

  45. Nandhini says:

    And also with the coming of October I feel the year is close to end. That keeps the days going!

  46. Kat Richter says:

    Ok, you had me cracking up until the WBNA comment… I’m just as bored by sports as the next person (nearly fell asleep while watching a baseball game in a bar the other day, but as I was on a date, I tried to maintain my dignity by making choice comments like, “Don’t you think the pitcher who looks like a girl is going to get distressing with his long hair hitting him the face?”) but I do think its important for young women to have athletic role models to look up to, even you don’t happen to enjoy them.

    Now your candy corn obsession, I can totally relate to! Happy Halloween 🙂

  47. […] Ahhh!  October is finally here.  The best month of the year has officially arrived and I could not be more thrilled.  I won't waste too much time jocking on my favorite month so, without further ado, here are 10 reasons to like October.  As if you needed them. 1.  It's The Unofficial Sponsor of Beer Festivals Everywhere Oktoberfest, Octoberfest, and Octobeerfest are all festivals held in this glorious month.  How can you not love a month that cel … Read More […]

  48. Varun says:

    Nice article

  49. Matt says:

    Three cheers for October! (You also forgot to mention that October is also International Baby Conceived On New Years Eve Birth Month, or IBCONYEBM, for short…)

    Congrats on getting ‘pressed’!

  50. October is lovely, esp for the scenic ppl; but I really do miss the beaches and the waves. Guess nature has set its own plan. 🙂

  51. toddstepp says:

    Don’t forget about Rocktober!

  52. I’m with you: I love October. (But, since the Giants are in the play-offs, I am watching baseball. Naturally, I’m from San Francisco!)

    Very entertaining post. More, more!

  53. boterbier says:

    I hate October. Actually I hate all months. But not August. We all love August.

  54. kimadis says:

    After Halloween… christmas time!
    The time of year where you get broke because of the constant need to shop for something.

  55. educlaytion says:

    Wow! you wrote about so many of my favorite things. I had a post recently about how many memories come back this time of year. Speaking of horror films, we’ve got a discussion going today about how much cell phones and Facebook would’ve changed plans for Michael Myers and company. You should check it out. Great job!

  56. […] “10 Reasons to Love October”:  This post, written while waiting to get a flat tire changed before class started, ended up being […]

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