Huskers Give Snyder Bitter Taste of Defeat to Wash Down His Metamucil

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Sports
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(*Author’s Note: I will attempt to keep this entire post from being one, long, “damn Bill Snyder is old” joke, but it will be extremely difficult.)

The Huskers answered a number of questions on Thursday night.  They showed a national television audience that when they ventured into enemy territory they could, again, batter and bruise an inferior opponent.  The Huskers needed to rack up those all-important “style points” that Kirk Herbstreit and his idiot-life-partners Mark May and Lou Holtz seem hell-bent on hammering into our heads.  It was pertinent that the Huskers shore up a defense that has looked vulnerable to the run in the early going.  And finally, and most importantly, it was vital that the Cornhuskers quickly remove the image of the South Dakota State scoreboard from all of our nightmarish, collective consciousness.

They did all of these things and more on Thursday night.

Taylor Martinez, who has taken the read-option game and turned it into a work of art, showed why he’s worthy of being mentioned in the same breath with Heisman front-runner Dennard Robinson from Michigan.  He took his play-faking to a whole new level, deceptive enough to make 007 blush, and often times had the K-State defense whip-lashing their necks back and forth like an insane game of Pong as they tried to figure out exactly who had the ball.

When his play fakes didn’t work?  Well Martinez simply ran right past the outstretched arms of the Wildcats, showing a burst that we haven’t seen since Crouch demonstrated that white men may not be able to jump, but they sure can run.

Roy Helu looked good.  Or at least I think he did.  The offensive line was so dominant up front that the running backs weren’t touched very often and were able to have their way with K-State’s defense.  Ricky Henry, who has been much maligned in my earlier postings looked like he was trying to inflict as much harm on the opposing d-line as humanly possible and D.J. Jones stepped up big time as well

The defense, as I mentioned before, had worried me going into this contest.  They even managed to worry me slightly in the early stages of the game, as K-State put together several 3rd down conversions and appeared poised to light up the scoreboard first. 

However good old Billy Snyder, celebrating his 171st birthday. . .wait, what’s that you say?  He’s only 71?  Shockingly young for a coach that looks like a more-haired version of Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons.”  Snyder decided to go for it on 4th and 2 from about 30 yards away from paydirt.  Shockingly, he decided to run an option play with Carson Coffman instead of give it to his bruising tailback up the middle.

This option play, as well as every option run by the Wildcats on this night, ended up in minimal yardage and quickly turned the tide.  While the Huskers only lead 7-0 in the first quarter, they continued to ramp up the ground game.

Martinez continued to shred the so-called “Lynch Mob” defense; an interesting choice of nickname for a non-slave state team isn’t it?

That’s really all I have on this game, other than that it was awesome, and since this post is going up so late I’m sure the 13 viewers that will read it to start off their weekend will probably agree I’ll keep this post brief.

Before I go, though, I can’t resist: a few random thoughts. . .and some Bill Snyder smack.

(*Author’s Note: I’m about to fail my aforementioned post-goal.)

–  You’d think that Bill Snyder would’ve had a better game plan, since he was room-mates in college with one of the all-time greats: Stone Wall Jackson.

–  Having a nickname like”The Lynch Mob” for a defense might’ve been okay back when you were protesting Brown V. Board as a 59 year-old, Billy, but that stuff doesn’t fly in 2010.

–  Did anyone else see the “Trea$on” banner hanging in the upper deck at K-State yesterday?  I’m happy to commit treason if we, too, are being taxed without equal representation.  I think George Washington was called a traitor, too, initially.  I’m not sure, but Bill Snyder was alive during that era and I could always call him to double-check.  At any rate, if Texas is King George then T.O. should change his last initial to Jefferson.

  1. Jon Garten says:

    The K-State defense is called Fire and Ice. Duh.

  2. Sue Tolles says:

    The game was fun to watch. I agree Snyder is getting up there, but what about Lou Holtz???????? Doesn’t he earn enough money to get dentures that fit? Has he never heard of polygrip? He talks like Slyverster, spitting all over. How can they talk with him without laughing? Who was that running back that was suppose to be sooooo good? I can’t recall his name.

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