Posted: September 27, 2010 in Burn Poetry
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It’s a messed up time
when our prophets seek profits
and the red on the flag looks bloodier every day.
When united we stand but
we make dividends.
It’s a messed up time
when students are molded into cogs
by the system
and then spewed out onto the streets
with nothing but negatives and zeros in their bank accounts
and a piece of paper in need of a frame-job
then find themselves ridiculed for not taking a stand.

What if our stand is to survive?
To start clawing at the deepening hole of depression
that’s been dug all around us in a mass grave?
What if our frontier to be conquered is simply making it through,
not wearing space-suits
but work boots and not
pioneering but persevering?
It’s a messed up time
but it hasn’t gone undiagnosed.
We see every day
through phone feeds and T.V. diagnostics
the tenuous grip we hold onto in present day.
It’s not some sneaking virus
slipping in unbeknownst in the blackness of the uninformed night.
There’s a big spotlight shining on the problem
and there’ll be no denying it.
But perhaps this searchlight is
indeed soul-searching in its nature.

So then what?
2010 can be a corner rounded or another tally
notched into the walls of a cell.

  1. a says:

    The problem is that being a politician is no longer service to your country, its a job. It’s always election season, and everyone is constantly campaigning instead of do whats best for the common good. That with the media blowing up every little dividing our country down the middle, we are pretty screwed right now.

  2. Sue Tolles says:

    I’ll have to read it a few more times

  3. madhat says:

    These are indeed tough economic times, and survival is crucial. You will. Persevere, my dear. Life is good.
    I’m glad you added a poem to your blog. Loved the contrasts (i.e. space boots vs. work boots, etc.)

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