I have a confession to make.  Forgive me Osborne, for I have sinned.  I find myself not that excited about this weekend’s Husker game.  That’s right, I said it.  And I’m ashamed to have the cursor flashing next to those blasphemous words.  I’ve already deleted them twice in shame.  But there they are nonetheless.  I’m baring my soul to the 13 people that will probably read this.

As a rabid, devout fan, I’m still pretty pumped for a Husker football game of any kind this Saturday.  That much is a given.  To say that I’m not as excited about this weekend’s contest is like saying that a crack head is “not quite as addicted” 3 days after they enter rehab.  But it’s tough for me to stay excited when we play a team that lost recently to the Illinois State Redbirds.

It’s a strange, long-lost sensation to me; feeling like we’re good enough that we don’t need an extra, easy-to-win game before we start Big 12 regular season play.  I’m used to feeling that all-too-familiar unease with some facet of the Huskers’ game and so this weekend has lost that dangerous tingling I used to feel whenever Zac Lee dropped back to throw.

If it’s tough for me as a Cornhusker Zealot to get excited for a night game, if it’s tough for the parched-for-the-sweet-nectar-of-football local media members to pretend like they really give a damn about playing an FBS school, then I can only imagine the difficulty in keeping the Huskers focused this weekend.

Whether or not they’re focused on the Jackrabbits, the Huskers will win, that much is certain.  But that begs the question, what are they going to focus on this week?  Bo Pelini, who addressed the media on Tuesday, was asked to describe South Dakota State’s team.  Bo, usually a man with razor-sharp focus on his opposition and who genuinely seems to mean it when abusing the old coach’s cliche, “take it one game at a time,” literally couldn’t come up with anything for 10 seconds.

Bo hemmed and hawed, struggled to come up with any legitimate things that he’d actually noticed about the Jackrabbits and, in a last ditch effort to sound like he actually gave a shit about the opposition this week he dug deep into the grab bag that is a coach’s vernacular and came out with the old tried and true “they’re physical” and “they’re multiple.”  When he really meant, “I haven’t watched any footage” and “I let our graduate assistants break down tape on this one.”

I’m not looking forward to much about this game other than the fact that it is Husker football.  Like I said, I’m a junkie in need of a fix and I don’t care it what I get is 100% pure NU Football or a chopped-up-and-mixed-in-with-baby-powder version.  But seeing Zac Lee out there will almost certainly give me some kind of Post Traumatic Watson Disorder (or what experts call PTWD) and I’m not sure that my fragile psyche can handle it.  I swear, if he drops back one time and shuffles around while ignoring check-downs and looking less comfortable than a guy with a sandpaper thong on, I’m going to just flip the radio station over to some mash-up of Ke$ha and Bieber’s shit so I can commit listener suicide.

One positive thing about this game?  Maybe Cody Green can hang onto the ball when he’s being hit by defensive tackles that weigh less than he does.  I only wish that I could see the looks in the eyes of the undersized defensive line of the Jackrabbits when Yoshi Hardrick gives them a personal lunar eclipse by blocking out the stadium lights with his girth.

So, Husker Nation, pray to whomever you pray to and cut deals with any demon that you might come across that we can just. . .stay. . .healthy.  If Taylor Martinez rolls an ankle against these guys, or if Bo finally has that aneurysm that he seems so hell bent on receiving over a blown defensive assignment, I will personally write a letter to the President asking him to disbar South Dakota from the Union.

That’s all I have for now, and that’s all I’ll probably ever be able to muster about playing an FBS school.


  1. brouhahasports says:

    Don’t worry. By next year the Huskers can be like other Big Ten (12) teams and schedule Bowling Green.

  2. Glenn says:

    SDSU gets to make a good paycheck and get some good experience playing against a good team.

  3. madhat says:

    I was disappointed that we play this team for homecoming. I know we want to WIN, but I remember when we played conference teams at homecoming, and that was always a game to come home for.
    P.S. “personal lunar eclipse” = very funny!!!

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