The hottest new track from C-Diddy’s studio.

There once was a coach from Youngstown, Ohio
If you don’t believe me then just check his Bio
Put his feet on campus, everbody went wild
Ladies in the stands screamin’ “lemme have your child”

In his 3rd season he really took off
Sprinted to the rescue just like Hasselhoff
Workin’ defensive magic just like he is Houdini
I know the guy, I call him Pelini

Didn’t quite make it to the title game,
But should’ve won the big 12 and you know that that’s a shame
He nearly punched the referee right in the solar plexus
But this year I can promise you the joke will be on Texas

Not sure why they made that call with just a second left. . .


Whether I’m rapping fast or on the mic slow,
There ain’t nobody that can coach with Bo
Got ourselves a defense now we just need some O
Maybe we can get it If Shawn Watson doesn’t blow

It only took 3 seasons or Bo to right the ship
And he’s got one more year to break Bill Snyder’s hip
He’s already owned both of the Stoops bros
And made a couple milli off the shirts, “Bo Knows!”

The Coaches in the Big 10 are shaking in their boots
Cause Bo doesn’t end he’s like a re-run of “Roots.”
He goes on and on, blitzes on 3rd and long
He’s like a better, whiter version, Mack Strong.

You won’t pull one over on Bo, he’s no rookie
He’ll sucker punch you in the eye like your name is Snooki.
He’ll drop you really quick, just like a shitty college course
And talk Mack Brown’s wife into intercourse.

Whether in the stands or drinkin’ SoCo
Through your hands in the air if you are down with Bo.


  1. Glenn says:

    Whatever you are smoking , I want some.

  2. madhat says:

    My hands are in the air… yeah, you know me!

  3. Sue Tolles says:

    Chris………………. soooooo funny.

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