Husker Football 2010: An Internal Debate Written Out

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Sports
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With many aspects of our lives we try to reconcile our passionate, wildly optimistic side with our boring but closer to reality side.  For instance “I want to write for a living” will often clash with “You’ll have to settle for just writing really good Christmas cards.”  Or “I’m going to use my skills as a dancer to make it into ‘You Got Served 4: Electric Servaloo’ must be altered to the reality of “Looks like I’ll just stick to clogging.”  When it comes to sports, and particularly being a massive fan of a specific team, getting your heart and your mind synched up is as difficult as gets.

That’s the position I find myself in today.  We’re a mere 4 days away from football season.  A mere 96 odd hours until this waste of a non-football, summer comes to an end.  Most importantly a fresh shot of Husker football to wash out that disgusting after taste of the Texas game; a taste so foul that it makes Barton’s Vodka look like Cristal.  The momentum, expectations, and the all-too-often-mentioned-for-my-liking “swagger” is all at new highs for the Pelini regime and I find myself trying to pump my mental breaks so that I don’t watch NU curbstomp Western Kentucky on Saturday and run through the streets screaming “We’re winnin’ it all, suckers!”

That’s what the fan in me wants to do:  start saving booze money for the NU V.S. Alabama BCS National Championship Game.  The rational, somewhat sane sports enthusiast is more cautiously optimistic than rabidly confident.  Here’s how the mental conversation usually plays out.


Fan: Sure last year was bad.  But it’s a new year.  Niles Paul looks like a line backer and runs like a gazelle on steroids and Brandon Kinney could be the second coming of Maurice Purify.  The O-Line has re-tooled and is bigger and nastier than last year.  If Helu stays healthy than he’ll for sure rush for 1,100 yards and Burkhead looked like he could walk on water against Arizona in our bowl game.  Watson’s coaching for his job and, lest we forget, he did coach the hell outta the “O” in 2008.

Rational: The offense is unproven.  But what worries me more is that they are proven.  To be terrible.  Our offensive ranks were just that last year.  Offensive.  We were 101st in the passing attack last year, a slim 9 spots better than Western Kentucky.  And they were a better rushing team than we were.  The team with a tree for a mascot had a better offense than us in a few categories.  We don’t know who are starting QB will be but I’m leaning towards Zac Lee in that regard but only because he allegedly knows the offense better.  More on that later.  I’m terrified that our offense will look the same as last year.  Terrified.


Fan: Crick could be a star in the making, Pierre Allen has potential to be a game-changer at defensive end, Baker looks like a better version of his big brother and our cornerbacks can lock down a WR tighter than Cell Block D during a prison riot.  Bo Pelini is unrivaled, with apologies to Nick Saban, as a defensive mind in the game today and with his passion for embarrassing offensive coordinators we should have a defense that’s every bit as good as the record setting squad we had last year.

Rational: This is the closest to an agreement my fan side has with my rational side.  Is Pelini a badass?  You bet he is.  Does our D-line look really good?  Does a nun hate swearwords?  However the rational side of myself begs me to look at all the holes we have to fill.  Can Crick operate at such a high level without Ndamukong Suh drawing all the pressure off him?  If Bo’s vast reserve of rage can be employed as motiviation, will it be enough to get Pierre Allen into sack-mode?  Can I ask any more questions in one paragraph?  The safeties are new.  Larry Asante, and his 3 personal foul penalties per game, are gone and Matt O’Hanlon has departed as well.  Phillip Dillard, who emerged as our best linebacker is gone too.  I think that the defense will be good.  I don’t know if we’ll be as good as last year, but that would be a lot to ask.

Thoughts on the upcoming season

Fan: Holyshitholyshitholyshitholyshitholyshit!  Huskershuskershuskershuskershuskershuskershuskers!  Pelinipelinipelinipelini!  Alright, now let’s see you try to pay attention to English 275 when that’s what’s running through your mind this Thursday and Friday.

Rational: This season we look primed for a step in the right direction.  If the cards fall in the right order, Pelini continues to progress as a head coach, Watson grows a pair, and Zac/Cody/Taylor/ANYONE? steps up and decides that this is, indeed, their team then I think we’ll have a great year.  The sky’s the limit, but let’s at least make sure we injure Blaine Gabbert and humiliate Mack Brown.


  1. madhat says:


  2. Jake says:

    I love this post, you are pretty much on point in describing most, if not all Nebraska fans. Consider this, Bo says that teams always make their biggest jump in the third year of a coaching change. This is his third year, he has his players and his system. So how big is big for a team that ended up 10-4 last year? I’m going to leave my predicting until after the Washington game, that’s the first test, need to pass that before we can talk seriously about a NC run.

    I love this blog! Keep writing!

  3. Sue Tolles says:

    you said it all.

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