Husker Storylines for 2010 Football Season

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Sports
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Since there’s approximately 51 days until the Huskers give me sweet, sweet release from the hellish July days of baseball talk, and since LeBron’s decided to jump ship off the Titanic that is Cleveland sports, I thought it would never be too early for a few posts about the Huskers and the college football world.  The Huskers are coming off the best season in a while, and look to have a good core group of returning players on both sides of the ball.  With a move to the Big 10 looming, the Huskers are looking to go out with a bang the size of departed Ndamukong Suh’s biceps.  Several questions about the team remain unanswered and some are downright terrifying to think about.  Here’s a few of the key questions facing the Big Red this upcoming season.

#1.  Who in the hell is the starting quarterback going to be?

Does anyone even want to play QB for us?  It seems like the current guys have been having a contest to see who can be described with the phrase “under-whelming” the most.  For those of you counting, Zach Lee’s leading the way.  Lee spent the off-season recovering from elbow surgery and so we weren’t able to see him play in the Spring Game.  Cody Green’s, and his tantalizing potential, are still in the fold and Redshirt Frosh, Taylor Martinez had what many believed was a breakout game in the Spring Game.  I even heard Martinez described as “Crouch-like” by one radio show.  While that seems a bit much, his first step, quickness and elusiveness are all getting rave reviews.

Cody Green was given some serious chances last fall.  He showed flashes of his running ability and is still a tremendous physical specimen.  However, the only times you truly were able to notice his arm strength was when he threw the ball so hard that it was dropped.  By the defender who was about to pick it off.  And take it to the house.

Zach Lee, believed by many to be an impressive QB and potential solid player, simply underperformed.  He was faster than Green, allegedly, but looked tentative and, at times, confused when he realized he needed to run the ball.  His indecisiveness destroyed his athleticism and left him looking nervous and distraught.

Taylor Martinez is a recruit that could still be switched over to play safety for the Huskers.  However, his ability as a runner and the other 2 QB’s lack of passing skill seems to make this a 3-man race.  He’s not a true freshman so he’ll be familiar with the system and could challenge to get on the field since we seemed doomed to another year of a heavy, heavy run oriented offense.

#2.  Will Prince Become King?

With the 300 Lb., 12.5 sack, 70+ tackles hole left behind by #93 on the D-Line we’ll need to see if the Husker Defense can keep up their stellar numbers last year.  With apologies to Jared Crick, the mantle of “best defender on a badass defense” now likely falls to Prince Amukamara.  This Senior from Arizona brings good size, an elite skill-set, great credentials (All-Big 12 First Team except by those A-Holes at the AP.), and a last name that will likely befuddle the same idiots who stumbled over Ndamukong’s name like they had severe speech impediments and ended up calling him “Mr. Suh.”  Well they’d better learn how to say Amukamara in about 4.3 seconds.  That’s about how long it’d take him to get up there and beat some ass.

#3.  Will Eric Martin Kill Someone This Year?

You’ve all seen him.  Martin, wearing his #46 jersey, jumping around like a horse at the gate of the Kentucky Derby.  He raises the roof so hard you think he’s going to blow out his rotator cuff, then Kamikazes down the field at warp speed until he slams helmets with someone.  The question is, will Martin end someone’s life this season?  Either his own, or some poor sap that loses focus for 2 seconds and finds himself face to face with the closest thing to a human version of “Cujo”?  Martin played almost exclusively on special teams last year, but could make a serious push for playing time at linebacker this year.  He would literally run through a minefield with a blindfold on if he thought he could make the tackle, and just needs to get his head right to become a great player.  He’s already a fan favorite, now we’ll see if he can show Pelini the right mindset.

#4  Who Will Help Out Niles Paul In The Passing Game?

Niles was a one-man wrecking crew last season.  When we passed him the ball.  And when he hung on to it.  Other than that, our receivers were as forgettable as a Nicholas Sparks movie.  Brandon Kinney is clearly capable of being a great receiver if he can consistently use his Maurice Purify type frame and abilities.  Mike McNeill at tight end, and potentially playing some wide receiver has done big things in the past, setting TE records for receptions in a season and leading the team last year in TD catches.  However, for McNeill to truly show what he’s capable of, we have to be able to get him the ball.  On paper McNeill, Paul, and Kinney look pretty formidable.  Unfortunately, they all looked that way last year too.

#5.  Will Shawn Watson Continue to Let a Team of Monkeys Choose His Plays From a Hat?

Shawn Watson had a rough year.  Actually, to be truthful, his year was rougher than a cheek-to-cheek hug with Brett Favre.  His plays were tentative, un-imaginative, and seemed to have all the creativity of the Park Middle School Flag Football playbook.  Which had 3 pages.  In order for us to take that elusive next step up into the football elite we have to figure out our offense.  I’m not sure if Watson is high during games, hot-boxing with assistants in his skybox seats, or if he picks the plays from “Techmo Superbowl” on Nintendo, but if he doesn’t get back to his rare 2008 form, in which our offense was one of the best producing units in the nation, then we’re in for another long, boring season of 9-0 wins and 10-3 victories.

These are just a few of the most intriguing storylines for the upcoming Husker season.  Since I have another 50 days, prepare yourself for a lot of Husker football talk.


  1. D says:

    It is, indeed, never too early. Good summary outline of those things on the minds of all Husker fans as we approach the season.

  2. Schnizz says:

    Well, I got my tickets for the first time this year so hopefullly Watson will do some cool tricks.

  3. Duke says:

    Can’t agree with you more. Come on football.

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