Peed Downtown (The Niles Paul Remix)

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Pop Culture, Sports
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I know this story is about a month + old, but Husker Wide Receiver Niles Paul was arrested after being caught urinating in downtown Lincoln on June 1st and I decided that this was probably how things went down that fateful night.

(Sung to the tune of “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum)

NILES’ Verse

Look at all those shots there, scattered all around the bar

Drink a couple more cause then we’re headed to the car

No time like the present to whip out my D

For me it happens frequently

It’s a quarter after one, I’m really drunk time to pee downtown.

Drank until last call feel like I’m gonna fall

Time to pee downtown

And I just can’t lie, got no alibi

I just peed downtown.

Bo’s Verse

Another pack of Big Red, can’t stop looking at my phone

Wishing that it would ring with your custom Drake ringtone

And I wonder if you’ll make first team big 12?

I want another trophy shelf. . .

I’m try’na to coach a team, you know that I will ream

If you pee downtown.

I’m feeling like a wreck in my patented crew neck

Please don’t pee downtown.

If the cops don’t call then we’ll win this fall

Just don’t pee downtown

Yes I’d rather he just use a urinal

Woahhh woahhh


And I’m feeling pretty low ‘cause somebody called the Po

When I peed downtown.


And the team will take a hit, but at least he didn’t shit

On the street downtown.


So don’t be a gay just pee in Subway

Just don’t pee downtown.

Just don’t pee downtown.


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